Dr. Bobojon Nazarov

MSc (Oxon), PhD (Oxon), MBA (Oxon)

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Dr. Bobojon Nazarov

MSc (Oxon), PhD (Oxon), MBA (Oxon)

Born in Central Asia, Bobojon moved to the UK at the age of 13. From a young age his father, a physicist, nurtured within Bobojon a love for the sciences. On arriving in the UK, despite speaking almost no English, Bobojon sat school entrance exams and scored 98% on his physics paper. It was Chemistry, however, that captured his imagination and ultimately led him to read a PhD in Chemical Biology at the University of Oxford.


As a firm believer in systems approaches, Bobojon encourages all his students to explore a broad range of subjects in order to identify their true passion. Thus, in his role as an educator, he believes in nurturing a students' budding interest to facilitate their growth.








University of Oxford, Corpus Christi College

MBA, Pershing Square Scholar

University of Oxford, Corpus Christi College

D.Phil. (Ph.D.) in Chemical Biology, EPSRC Scholar

University of Oxford, Somerville College

MSc in Pharmacology

University of Bristol

MSc in Economics, Finance & Management 

University of Bristol

BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology - 2.1

My love for the sciences was unlocked at a young age, which equipped me with various tool kits to tackle challenges beyond exams and education. Thus, from my personal experience, I strongly believe in the value of investing in education as early as possible.


Despite my work commitments, I strongly believe in the value of teaching. As a postgraduate scholarship student at the University of Oxford, I taught subjects ranging from Economics to Natural Sciences at all levels from prep-school to MSc.


If you wish to collaborate please get in touch via the above email address. Please note that I can only train a limited number of students at a time due to my work commitments and result-driven approach. So please do not take it personally if I don't have the capacity to help you on this occasion. 

Presently I run my own biotech company, Latus Therapeutics, which focuses on oncology and autoimmune diseases but is currently concentrating on Phase 2 trials for therapeutic agents in COVID-19 disease.

Work Experience









Latus Therapeutics, Founder, Oncology Biotech Start-up

  • Originated and launched two clinical trials that recognised the functional importance of TMPRSS2 in priming SARS-CoV-2 for entering a host cell

    • SPIKE-2: partnered with the University of Edinburgh for nafamostat trial

    • SPIKE-1: sub-contracted CRUK as a trial sponsor for camostat trial

  • Raised £1.2m from LifeArc, lead and executed the overall strategy of the SPIKE trials

  • Principal Investigator for the NCT04455815 clinical trial in partnership with CRUK

  • Principal Investigator for the NCT04473053 clinical trial in partnership with the University of Edinburgh

Daten Capital, Fund Manager, Biotech AI Hedge Fund

  • Management company for Daten Biotech Fund Limited, full scope fund

  • Invested in 34 trials with an accuracy of 82% in predicting primary endpoint outcomes

  • Responsible for setting the investment strategy, fundraising, and investment decisions

  • Built a team of academic advisors and employees with cross-functional expertise from deep scientific knowledge to trading to equity and derivatives valuation

  • Led operations of the service company including real estate, IT, administration

Life Sciences Partners (LSP), Analyst, Long only Biotech Hedge Fund

  • Provided in-depth analytical support to the LSP investment team with a prime focus on LSP’s investment activities in the biotech public equity franchise

Merck Ventures, Analyst

  • Involved in the entire investment process from the initial screening of the deal flow to the selection of investment opportunities

  • Conducted in-depth scientific, clinical due diligence and market research on listed portfolio companies

University of Oxford, Department of Pharmacology, Lecturer

  • Taught cell signalling to medical and biomedical students

Oxford Pharmacology Ventures (OPV), President and Founder

  • Founded a club that fosters collaborations between the pharmaceutical industry and Oxford’s Pharmacology Department to take our in-house findings to the market

  • Took part in Europe's Leading Biopartnering and Investment Conference (BioTrinity) from 2012 -2015 to market assets from the pharmacology department to venture capital firms and facilitated meetings between academics and industry practitioners

Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Senior Research Analyst

  • Researched and estimated price for spin-offs

  • Built, maintained, and calculated bespoke equity and Dow Jones public indices

  • Researched and applied corporate actions and ran quarterly rebalances

IHS Markit, Equity Analyst:

  • Forecasted dividends for publicly listed European, Russian, and U.S. corporations

  • Built and enhanced dividend forecasting models

  • Built families of ETFs (totalling 1000s ETFs)

  • Used quantitative methods to extensively model derivatives (vanilla and exotic)

  • Produced daily CDS valuations involving yield curve bootstrapping, fitting volatility skews