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Latus is delighted to announce its partnership with

Cancer Research UK, LifeArc & University of Edinburgh

Latus has refocused its core activity from oncology R&D to identify, promote and facilitate the evaluation of treatments for COVID-19. This not for profit project orchestrated by Latus will assess the effectiveness of the existing drugs, Camostat and Nafamostat, to fight the virus.

Latus established a collaboration with Ono Pharmaceutical and Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical for drugs provision and secured £1m from LifeArc to support clinical evaluation. Latus will now be supported by Cancer Research UK and the University of Edinburgh to implement the SPIKE-1 and SPIKE-2 trials, respectively.

Image by Michael Longmire
Latus' SPIKE-1 trial: Camostat to be evaluated as a potential treatment for COVID-19
Latus' SPIKE-2 trial: Nafamostat to be trialled as the most potent antiviral drug candidate

SPIKE trials are designed to be


  • Because Camostat is an established drug


  • This means it is already cleared as safe to use, dramatically reducing lead times


  • Because Camostat is taken as a tablet: two tablets four times a day for two weeks

  • We have the production capacity to make camostat available for 63 million patients immediately

  • That is sufficient to cover the entire population of the UK


  • Early discussions with manufacturers suggest that production could be significantly scaled up in the short-medium term, as needed


  • Because we are trialling a drug to alleviate the symptoms of Covid-19

  • If successful, we have the potential to be able to manage Covid-19 symptoms just like common flu

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