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Latus Therapeutics Limited, founded in 2019, is a leading research and experimental development biotech company with a vision to find a cure for cancer. We are specifically looking at the B-cell Lymphomas and autoimmune disorders in order to get a better understanding of the underlying signalling mechanism of the cell and its potential in helping people to combat cancer.

Today, in response to the public health crisis, Latus Therapeutics has refocused its efforts to originate not for profit initiative to find a treatment for the patients tested positive with the COVID-19.  At a time when thousands of people around the world are dying every day from the disease and economies are paralysed, this crucial research will utilise existing medicines that have already been shown to prevent the virus from infecting human cells in vitro. More information about the trials can be found on our website. Latus' team is contributing their time for free.

Research & Development

Research & Development 

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

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Founder - SPIKE trials

Managing Director of the 

Latus Therapeutics

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Dr S. Anthony

Clinical Advisor - SPIKE trials

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology, 

Oxford University Hospital


Prof. D. Anthony

Scientific Advisor - SPIKE trials

Department of Pharmacology, 

University of Oxford


Scientific Advisor - SPIKE trials

Chairman of Oxford Drug Design

Founder of Oxford University Innovation

Ex-Head of Chemistry Department, 

University of Oxford

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Dr C. Ferrett

Trial Coordinator - SPIKE trials

Consultant Radiologist

Oxford University Hospital

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 14.17.35.png

Dr E. Ladds

Clinical Advisor - SPIKE trials

Academic Clinical Fellow, Primary Care,

Oxford University



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